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      Terms and conditions:

      You have no rights in any way whatsoever on this website apart from the ability to study the training and get rich if you work hard enough at it without any implied guarantees. You agree to concede any and all legal rights globally. Using this website is 100% at your own legal and financial risk. Any information found on this website must be adapted "legally" to your governing legal entity. It is not our responsibility for your actions in any way whatsoever. 100% of the information found on this website is 100% hearsay and not factual in any capacity whatsoever. It is your duty to take the information we give to you and use it in a legal manner, we are purely speculating on what may or may not work.

      Any of the instructors on this website are 100% not qualified and anything they say is purely fictional in nature and provided "as-is". There is strictly no legal income guarantees and any instructor stating you will make any money with these not legally sanctioned training courses is simply following the terms and conditions of this website. Which clearly state that everything on this website is 100% fictional in nature, not true or correct and purely here for "propaganda forging fun". You are in no way legally entitled to take any of the information on this website seriously and if you happen to make money with our training then "lucky you". However, this website is an artwork on propaganda from it's creators and in no-way whatsoever to be taken seriously.

      You are now not authorised to access this website after reading this and must promptly leave this website, engaging in any activity on this website from this point forth is stricly prohibited. Leave now!