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Transcription work link:

(make sure you install Grammarly (YES, IT IS "free" - WOOT WOOT) to proof read your text, you can copy ANY TEXT to open office writer (FREE) or microsoft word etc, configure grammarly to spell check in desired language i.e. "U.S. ENGLISH" - important, make sure you install word processing software first before grammarly to ensure grammarly auto detects it and works with it).

So basically if I was using to make money and they want "u.s english only", then i could write everything in my local "Australian English", then copy all of the text to open office (.org) writer word processor or microsoft word, then grammarly will automatically highlight all spelling errors and help me convert the text to u.s. English... All i have to do is copy from (before submitting my work) to a word processor (that grammarly works with) and configure grammarly to spell check in "U.S.ENGLISH", i can then copy and paste the correct united states english version back to, submit and get paid baby! woot woot. If you are in the "U.S" then you do not need to do this you lucky fucker!, fukin "AMERI-CAN" LOL.



Website & App & Game App Evaluation Sites:

  1. UserTesting
  2. TryMyUI
  3. UserFeel
  4. Enroll
  5. Respondent <= Link is now working. Please notify me if it stops working again, ty.
  6. Checkealos
  7. Intuit User Research
  8. WhatUsersDo
  9. Validately
  10. UserLytics
  11. IntelliZoom
  12. UserBrain
  13. TestingTime
  14. Loop11


  1. Start-Up Lift
  2. Analysia
  3. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Bug Testing Sites:

  1. UTest (Hardware Testing, Software Testing, Website Testing, etc - HUGE).
  2. Test.IO (Websites, Apps & Games)